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Professional Bookkeeping Service wants to help the Senior and their Families/Caregivers with all the accounting aspects of ones life.  At times, it is a daunting task to deal with bill paying, insurance etc when you are young, let alone in the later years.  Maybe arthritis prevents you from writing your checks or getting to the bank.  Are you alone with no one to turn to for help or are your children out of the area working/living in another state?

Professional Bookkeeping Service can help you as our services are not limited to just these items.  We customize our work to fit your needs and we are bonded.

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Keeping Independence:

  • Assist with or write checks, make deposits, balance checking accounts, filing of documents, sort mail
  • Pull tax information together for preparation of tax returns by CPA’s
  • Complete applications for real estate tax relief, assisted living reduction, Medicaid & medical bills reviewed from insurance and physicians to make sure client is not overcharged.
  • Work with Senior & Family members as well as Attorney and CPA’s.

Support Professionals:

  • Be part of the team of professionals working for the Senior or Caregivers.
  • Process the accounting for guardianships, trusts, estates & estate planning.

Other services for Care Providers:

  • Peace of Mind knowing someone is looking out for the interest of the Senior.
  • Today, many family members may not live & work in the same state as the Senior so the comfort of knowing their bills are paid.
  • Assist with medical crisis and sort through the maze.
  • Tap other services when needed through Networking.

End of Life Services

  • Follow through with final wishes for funeral arrangements.
  • Disbursement of assets according to will after all taxes have been paid.
  • Estate tax return completion and disposal.

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